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Business Solutions for Business Publishers

If you're like most business publishers, your advertisers are looking for alternatives to print advertising and, in response, you've extended your brands to include additional online, offline, and in-person events to your portfolio of products.

The result? Growing but increasingly disparate, multi-channel data silos with no real economies of scale. Circulation data is housed and managed in your audience development department. E-newsletter subscribers are the purview of editorial. And your online and offline event attendees are safeguarded by marketing.

You need a flexible, integrated database management partner with real-world publishing expertise to help you respond to changing business needs in real-time with real-time data.

Computer Fulfillment's end-to-end data solutions help publishers of any size expand their media view with online, real-time circulation & database management solutions and an expert support staff with real-world publishing experience.


Unify all of your data across all channels into a single global customer view.


Armed with this single global view, you can analyze how your customer are interacting across all of your brands and with your website.


With our powerful audience relationship management solution you can target your customers with the right message at the right time.