Leveling-Up the Personalization Game

April 13, 2022 | 0 Minute Read

Computer Fulfillment

You likely already know that you can use any of the contact or demographic fields in MediaView to personalize your email messages or even your subject lines. You can even pre-populate demographics if you want to do a one-click renewal series for your controlled publications.

But what happens if you want to include “Dear Kimberly” in a message, but you know that your segment doesn’t have a first name for every record? Maybe you’ve tried to avoid personalization in this case.

We have a solution!

We have a new option where you can use the value if it exists, or put in a value defined by you if the database field is empty.

Using the above example, the code for your message could look like this:

A recipient whose name is in the database would see this:

A recipient whose name is not in the database would see this:

Contact us at support if you have any questions!