Welcome Messages

March 29, 2022 | 1 Minute Read


It’s challenging enough to attract new customers. Research has shown that the sooner you engage with new subscribers/members, the more likely they are to continue to stay engaged. A great way to reach out to them is to send them a welcome email thanking them for subscribing or joining your community.

With Nurture Email Manager, you can set up an automated welcome or thank you note. Below is an example of what a welcome email could look like:

Setting up your nurture campaign is easy.

  • Create your segment including new subscribers using transaction codes or keycodes, and “Transaction Age” or “Days Since Date Added” nurture fields.
  • Create your message in Nurture Email Manager in the same manner as you would for a regular email.
  • Set the start and end dates. We suggest you set the end date for one year out. You’ll likely want to review/revise your messaging at that point.
  • Choose the frequency and interval that the segment will be run to check for new subscribers who should receive their welcome email. We suggest you set this to every day (frequency of Day, interval of 1).

Once the campaign begins, set your schedule to review the results on a periodic basis on the Nurture Email Manager dashboard. All campaign results are cumulative.

Please do not hesitate to contact MediaView Support if you have any questions.