What do I do with Engagement Score?

July 26, 2022 | 1 Minute Read

Computer Fulfillment

So, you have an engagement score which tells you if someone is engaging with your brands in some way (opens, clicks, web visits). How do you leverage this information?

One example:

Take a look at which of your customers are highly engaged with your brand. Build a segment of people who have an engagement score of, say, 100+. Then you can do a Quick Report within Segment Manager to do a cross hatch of Title vs. Purchase Authority.


As you can see, in the Engaged Sample, fifty percent of the highly engaged people hold executive management positions. Of those, the vast majority have purchasing authority.

In the second sample, we look at those with no engagement. More than fifty percent of the unengaged people hold executive management positions, again with the vast majority who have purchasing authority.


What are the similarities or disparities between these 2 groups? Can a deep dive into the engaged vs. the unengaged reveal a strategy to engage executives with purchase authority that aren’t currently engaged? Can sales leverage the highly engaged?

Other ideas:

  • Send emails to people who have not engaged with you recently to entice them with a popular webinar or website article.

  • Contact your most engaged audience with offers to sign up for special events.

  • Provide higher value to your advertisers by targeting third party promotional email campaigns to your more engaged audience.

For more information and other specific use cases, do not hesitate to contact MediaView Support.