Monitor & Manage Your Email Auto-Replies

December 13, 2022 | 0 Minute Read

Computer Fulfillment

What About Those Email Replies?

The MediaView team has implemented a new enhancement, Manage Replies, that allows users to better manage auto replies to the messages they send.

How this can help you:

  • See ALL of your auto-replies - to any of your Computer Fulfillment reply-to addresses - in one location.

  • Easily update customer records within the system by marking the addresses as spam complaints or hard bounces, or by changing the email address.

  • Our system processes most “Out of Office” auto-replies so that you don’t have to sort through them.

What it looks like…

Added benefit: we have coded certain response types so that you will have a better idea of how to handle the reply. For example, SPC refers to Spam Complaint, and EMC refers to Email Change. If you want to manage all types at one time, just sort on “Flag”!

Contact us at support if you have any questions!