Are You Interested In Using UTMs?

February 13, 2023 | 1 Minute Read

Computer Fulfillment

We have added additional tracking options for use in your email messages: UTM data fields. UTMs are bits of tracking code that can be appended to the URLs on partner websites, links in emails, or on social media sites to better identify where visitors to your website are coming from.

Examples of how you might use this data:

  • Compare your social media platforms to email campaigns to gauge which are best in terms of converting customers. This can help you determine where to put your financial resources.

  • Within a particular email that you have deployed from the MediaView system you can identify which links generate the most traffic to your website. Use that information to build more effective emails going forward.

  • Tie the information you get about where your customers are going back to the database; if you can tell what content is of interest to a large group of your subscribers, you can send them more emails about that topic, or feature it in a future newsletter.

Data from these new fields can be found under the Web Visits heading of the Edit Fields for this Selection tab on the Segment Manager - Build List Selection screen:

Contact us at support if you have any questions about how to implement UTMs on your emails!