Wondering how well your forms are doing?

October 11, 2021 | 1 Minute Read

Computer Fulfillment

The MediaView Form Conversion Dashboard shows you how many people went to a subscription/membership page and also submitted. That’s your conversion count!

You can add links to the dashboard for any subscription/renewal/membership form that CF hosts for you, or for those that you build yourself using Form Builder. All of these forms (“Landing Pages”) send the customer to confirmation pages (aka “Conversion Page”).

How to read the dashboard:

  • The Visit column shows how many people went to the corresponding Landing Page on the dashboard.
  • Conversions show how many people went to the corresponding Conversion Page on the dashboard.

What if your conversion rates aren’t as high as you like?

  • Take a good look at your form(s). Are there too many questions? Are you using all of the data being collected on these forms? If not, perhaps it’s time to trim down the forms to ask only for data that you will use once collected.
  • Make a note of when the form change are made. Review the Form Conversion dashboard some time later to see if the metrics have improved.

Contact us at support if you have any questions!