Don't worry - we'll try another email address!

October 04, 2022 | 1 Minute Read

Computer Fulfillment

Situation: You have a customer with multiple email addresses on their record, and one of them becomes undeliverable. You still want to be able to reach this customer. Will MediaView send your message to an active address on the customer record instead?

The answer is YES!

Here’s our process:

When messages are deployed and a person on your segment has two or more active email addresses on their record, we use the email address corresponding to the list in your segment.

If the email address in that segment is undeliverable due to bounces or a spam complaint, the other email address is then used.

This also works when customers don’t have an email address at all on the selected list in a segment but do on other lists. The segment will use the known email address for that customer. Essentially, it will fill in and use the data we have for that customer in their record, even if that data is missing from the specific list in the segment.

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